Therific Ideas offers an avenue for supplementing your income.
Sign up as and join our team as a Wholesale Agent 

As a Therific Ideas Wholesale Agent, you qualify for between 30% and 40% discount off our advertised retail price.  We work on a sliding scale and depending on the size of the order, you earn a higher discount the bigger your order.  There is a minimum required monthly spend of R1855* in order to remain active and qualify for sliding scale wholesale discount pricing.

Wholesale agents may sell direct to friends and family, market and sell through social media, sell through their own online store or their own retail store and will be expected to promote sales and increase their volumes as time passes.

Enrolling as a wholesale agent is only for individuals who plan to promote the product and resell for a profit and ensure an average monthly spend of R1855 at any given period.

Individuals can enroll online, immediately place their first order and start selling.  No approvals or delays.  Simply sign up and start selling.

To Enrol as a Therific Agent, please answer the questions below:

Do you enjoy selling to family and friends and are you keen to sell at local markets, promote to schools and host promo parties?*

In order to complete your enrollment, you are required to place your first order. To qualify for our base discount, your first order should carry a minimum retail value of R2650. This means you will need to pay R1855 plus delivery for your first box of stock. Are you ready to place your first order?

To remain an active agent and qualify for your sliding scale discount, you will be required to purchase a minimum of R1855 per month. Failure to maintain an average spend of R1855 per month over any 3 month period will result in termination. Do you agree to the above?

Do you agree to our terms and conditions?

To confirm you understand the conditions to being a Therific Agent, please confirm the below:

By ticking below, you agree that you are indeed human and that all the information provided is true and that by clicking SUBMIT you are adhereing to our Terms and Conditions.

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